『My four month internship at Dynamo Tech Solutions Co.,Ltd.』


We have an internship program for Cambodian students. This time, we would like to introduce the presentation by Ms. Chanphorn LEY, an internship student of a system engineer.

【My profile】

Name: Chanphorn LEY
Nickname: Sreyneath
Date of birth: 08 Jan 2002
Education background: System Network administration (SNA)
Free time: Listening to music researching

【A brief description】

I spent 4 months interning at Dynamo Tech Solutions Co., Ltd as a Linux system engineer, where this company was founded on 27 July 2018 by Mr. Jun Yoshida. The company is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This company has four departments. There are Customer Support, Administrative, Infrastructure and Development. During this internship, I have learned about Vagrant, Ansible ,Gitlab, Linux command line as technical skills, and I also got experience in the real project of the company. About the soft skills, I have learned teamwork, time management, researching, communication and documentation. The biggest challenge for me during this internship was that I am less confident at the first time. I felt not confident asking other teams. I always felt all of them are busy. I didn’t want to annoy them. And one more thing was a problem solving. When I got problems, I solved it late because I mostly spent my time to research. To overcome this challenge, I tried to ask team members about the concept of the tasks and tried to research. In conclusion, the internship was really important for me and also for the people who just graduated from school. At school, I can know something from only the environment at school, but when I came to intern, I learned many things from the work place such as technical skills and soft skills to improve myself to be a professional full time staff.

【My impression of the presentation】

It was my second presentation at Dynamo Tech Solutions. At first time, it was not hard for me. Because I presented through online (zoom). This presentation was a second time and chance to present here offline and all the staff joined together. It was just a rehearsal presentation before I present at my PNC school. I felt nervous and not confident with this presentation. But I really appreciated for their feedback and comments. After this presentation, I got some advice from them. I improved somethings that I missed, and I finally got a good feedback from my school with my presentation. I would like to thank Dynamo Tech solutions for support and gave me advice before I do my final presentation at school and spent their time to support me during this 4 months .

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