Automating various tasks and improving prediction and detection

Recent advances in machine learning technology have greatly expanded their fields that can be automated.
We provide a technology such as an automated image processing (e.g., object detection, object removal, retouching, etc.), automated language processing (e.g., chatbots, text summarization), etc.

Related fields: PyTorch/Tensorflow+API, CNN, RNN, DCGAN, YOLO, Grad-CAM

Our machine learning system can predict the future trend, or detect any troubles from the accumulated past data history.
The system is always improving its quality using the data growth. Nowadays the accuracy already exceeds the human prediction and detection ability.


Stable, highly efficient and low-cost infrastructure

We propose and build a system that stabilizes the operation of your IT system and reduces its costs. Our field covers both cloud and on-premise environments.

Related fields: AWS/GCP/Azure, VPS, Linux/Windows, Docker/Kubernetes, Virtualization

Once a web system is attacked by a security vulnerability, it can be a significant damage for your business.
Our engineer team supports to improve the security level by vulnerability scans and solving the issues accordingly.


Dedicated Engineer Team for Clients

We can assign programmers, system engineers, machine learning engineers to your projects as full-time members.
You can start it with the minimum team and duration, from one person and one month.

Our engineer team members are English language speakers. We can assign an other language interpreter (Japanese) upon requests.
In our team policy, we have periodical online video meetings with clients to ensure that we exactly understand the requirements from the clients.


Web Applications for Private/Public Services

We design and build dedicated web applications to improve business efficiency.
Various web languages and frameworks are supported.

We renovate the existing web system and solve problems.
We can work flexibly on our own or in collaboration with our clients.


iOS/Android, Other Mobile Apps

We design and build applications for Japanese and English mobile devices with supporting various operating systems and testing them on new and old devices.

We can provide a maintenance service for existing applications such as new OS support and version upgrades.
Please feel free to contact us for all kinds of services.

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